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After ten years as a bird photographer, I made my first trip to photograph Atlantic Puffins off the coast of Maine in June of 2009. I was overwhelmed by the experience of being "up close and personal" with these colorful and social birds.

Between the summers of 2009 and 2011, I made 5 landing trips to Machias Seal Island where I joined other visitors set up in small wooden observation blinds with our cameras. Visits are limited to about one hour per trip to minimize human impact on the birds nesting activities, so cameras are on high speed shooting mode, and photographers need to make the best of whatever the lighting conditions when they arrive. For me, each visit was as exciting as the last as I watched the birds interact with one another and with their human visitors. The puffins' faces and poses make it obvious why they are often referred to as "The Clowns of the Seas".

Although I have been unable to make another journey to see the puffins due to some health issues, I'm thrilled to enjoy the photos I was able to take home with me and to share them here on my website.

Rich Turk